The Unfinished Sculpture

I would like to share with you all a dream I had in May of 2018. It was very encouraging. I don't know if God gave me this dream to speak to my heart, or someone else's. But I believe these dreams and visions are meant to be shared.

I titled this dream 'The Unfinished Sculpture'

There was a location I would go to every day for work/school in this new town I arrived in. I didn't exactly know the route back, so I figured out a bus route that would take me where I needed to go. I would walk a ways to get to the next stop and go meet the next bus in front of the supermarket on the main street. I would take the same route every day. One day, when I was on my way home, the Lord stopped me and gave me a vision of this beautiful and unfinished sculpture. It looked beautiful but unfinished.

He lead me to this old man I knew, who was older than I (in his fifties). He seemed to be well-known in the community and had a following. He was a rough character, not exactly your church-going type. He also was a man you wouldn't expect to respond to a message from God, and yet the Lord spoke to me about this man and gave me a message for him. I entered his chamber where he was and his people gathered around. I began to envision the unfinished sculpture. I put the message in my own words:

"I have a vision of this beautiful yet unfinished sculpture. Your accomplishment/work is one in the same, beautiful yet unfinished. Finish what God has put in your hand to do. Even if it may seem hopeless, even if you feel like you can't. You must finish that sculpture so it will be able to fulfill its purpose. God puts dreams in our hearts for a reason, because he has a purpose for us and he wants us to realize those dreams."

The man began to weep right in front of his servants and daughter who were standing right beside him. I reached out to comfort him and pray with him.

After the work was finished, I turned around but glanced back. The people were gone. I walked out of the shrine.

This dream really spoke to me and it can speak to anyone who is plodding along, trying to do what they believe God's will is for their life and feeling like it is fruitless, or that nobody cares what they are doing. BUT! I have experienced in my life that people are watching and listening to you more than you know.

God has put each us here and now for His purposes. You never know (or maybe not for many years) how much a smile, a hug, a kind word, can mean in someone's life. It could be someone who was planning to commit suicide, but your smile & greeting can help turn that person around. It's as what the Apostle Paul wrote about running your course:

It's finishing your race that is important.

#Dreams #GodsPurpose

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