God Colored Me The Way He Wanted Me!

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Because he liked it!

The other day, I watched a video called: "The Mystery Behind European Skin, Eye, and Hair Color". I thought it to be very fascinating how this all came about. After all, this is where my heritage comes from.

If you yourself decide to follow any of these various European celebration pages and videos as I have (because that is where my people come from), I will also warn you. Occasionally you will run into some very bias and prejudice people. And I have seen it a lot. This bashing of people of darker features or of other races coupled with those who come from other cultures who are also prejudice is prevalent on these pages. For example, I came across a guy being put down for his dark hair and eyes, and tanned skin complexion.

He stated: "I look Native American I have very tan skin really dark brown hair dark brown eyes but I am almost 100 percent Scottish."

Comments bashing his physical appearance:

Loeykalel "That sucks. You have the same generic color palette as almost everyone else in the world."

Mossad Hunter "Sorry to hear that. Sounds problematic."

In defense of the guy who made the original comment, I stated:

Sonya Marlene "I have dark brown locks and I love my hair color. Who is anyone to say it’s not beautiful? Brunets are just as wonderful as blondes and reds. To say otherwise is ignorant and shallow."

I've got a very unique beautiful shade of dark brown hair that is unlike any other shade of brunette hair I've seen on anyone else (with the exception of my father and grandmother Sharon Rose). You're not going to be able to find this hair shade in a bottle or on a hair extension. It's super shiny and soft to the touch. I prize it. Meanwhile, this smarty-pants of a kid decides to chime in and put in his two cents by calling me 'a snowflake' and to deemed these 'put-downs' as just 'opinions'.


@Sonya Marlene Or maybe it's just an opinion and some people prefer blonde hair, snowflake.

So, you have a blonde fetish. Yes, they are unique. Yes, they are beautiful. But that doesn't overshadow the uniqueness of others. Europeans are very diverse. And everyone is unique in their own way.

@Sonya Marlene Jeez, the whole world doesn't revolve around you. Keep your hair what you want, I couldn't care less about it. I just meant that when people say that a certain colour is better, it's what they prefer, and if someone doesn't like dark hair, they are not ignorant, it's just a preference.

And I could just as easily say that I could care less about what you prefer. It's like saying: "I prefer chocolate ice cream to strawberry." Personally, I prefer vanilla. But you don't have to agree with me 100%. That wasn't the point. You can agree or disagree with me as much as you want. This isn't about a debate on preference. Personally, I'd like to know what my Lord and savior prefers, which is the only preference that truly matters.

The point I am making is this: Saying "I prefer blonde hair" is not the same as saying: "That sucks, you have dark hair and eyes which is of the same generic color pallet as 97 percent of the planet. That's problematic. Hell, you have poor genes." Those are not opinions. They are insults (that coupled with misleading information). And I see this a lot under "Western positive" posts. I also see a lot of people putting themselves down over the traits they were born with. What does that say about your so-called 'positive' community? Maybe you should stop contributing to the problem by encouraging more self-hate.

Go ahead, sit back, and pretend this is not a real problem and sweep it under the rug when you see it. But what will this do but encourage most of our people to hate themselves (and all people of other races)? That's not how you 'love your people'. That's how you push them away.

Do you want to know what is really problematic? Look no further than these types of posts. Opinion or insult? You tell me. 👇

Opinion or insult? You tell me.

And what is the general response to this "all light features" aka "non-brown" beauty standard or "Aryan superiority" mindset that is taught? Look no further than these comments under these "European celebration posts" and you will see how problematic it really is. 👇

white self-hate

"I was the only brunette and hated it always"? Where does this mindset stem from, again? Don't get me wrong. Blondes are unique. Very. But that does not overshadow the uniqueness of others. And that includes every other hue we possess!

Look at this beautiful head of hair. (BTW, this quote below was not quoted by the woman in the picture. I'm posting a picture of her hair here to demonstrate how beautiful brunette hair can be. Her hair is stunningly gorgeous!)

And this one below tells all. Do I need to go any further with this? I can show you an endless amount of people putting themselves down on these pages. Why are we allowing ourselves to become so self-hating? Pigment does not define beauty or value, my friends! I don't care how rare or common it is.

Judging one's worth solely based on one thing: that is pretty shallow to me.

Imagine you became interested in the Western Positive sphere after seeing Wild Wild West or reading The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, with no strong stance on politics, aesthetics, or culture and only a dim awareness of the history of European imperialism, and you’re told on one hand that being Western means being an anarchist and that you should be proud of your roots, and on the other, you are also told that if you have darker features that somehow makes you less worthy or less fortunate. Would you stick around?

My response to this beauty standard in the West

Now, this does not apply to everyone who is "Western Positive". But I've had a few people try to gaslight me for sharing my struggle with this by saying that it is not a valid experience or struggle, all because they didn't experience it. Yet I keep running into those who put themselves down for their darker features. This tells me that I am not alone. And when women like us, who were born with these darker hair shades; are met with prejudice and downright disrespect, we will respond how we see fit. And here is my response:

Why do many of our brunette women express this disposition? That they hate their darker hair shades? You can thank the beauty industry for that. Rarity has been so elevated in Western society for centuries.

Why rarity? Think about it. If you want to make money by selling beauty products, why not promote a look or beauty standard that is the hardest to achieve for most people?

And unfortunately, it sells. It has been the center of what many have said to make Westerners and non-westerners alike look so different. But that's not the only thing that can make them different!

What else can make a person or group elevated in society? This includes, but not limited to money, fame, nice cars, mansions, financial success, physical beauty, how many followers you have on social media, and material things. The very things that this world believes add value or success to one's life. The bleach industry is no exception. It makes billions a year selling bleach, hair dye, skin lightening creams (or self-tanner in Western countries). This is by design. Making money by this constant push for certain beauty standards that are the hardest to achieve for most people in that particular society is the driving point of the beauty industry and Hollywood. For that reason, many have tried to accomplish this look by artificially dying their beautiful brown to black locks, bleaching their dark skin, or using self-tanner.

Sure, there are physical traits that are more noticeable than others at first glance, but the way our culture views beauty standards and looks not only leaves me sad but also disturbed. The truth is, I didn't want our beautiful brunette women and girls longing for something they don't have.

On a side note: People of every race and every culture can also claim 'rarity'. Even I could. Take a look.

👇 👇 👇 👇

BTW, it's much less than 5%!

And from that position, I will also tell you that race/color/rarity/beauty-standards do not create value or status with God. And here is another piece of truth. You don't have to be rare to be beautiful! When so many people of all races have become self-hating and insecure due to this Aryan doctrine, which the Bible does not support, you won't be fixing the self-hate problem in the Western community. Rather, your disposition will perpetuate more self-hate. If you are one of these people spreading this poison, this false doctrine, this lie, this very unbiblical value system, be wary lest you become the promotor of the very thing you say you are fighting against.

We've got to place our 'value' on the right things!

The biggest problem I see with many brunette women is that they think that their hair is a problem.

Brunette Beauty

Fun facts about brown hair, for all you brunettes out there who have struggled with hair hate!

More shades of brown hair exist than shades of any other hair color in the world!

Brunette Facts

So why am I objecting to disparaging those born with these beautiful hair shades and calling it an opinion or preference? For one, it is childish to put someone down for their looks. Elementary school kids do that. Am I talking to adults? Or kids?

Secondly: If, after making a statement in defense of someone who was put down by others for his looks; and I get the response that "it's just an opinion"? I think I may be talking to a kid. And these kids may or may not realize how they are coming across to others. Especially when seeing the way some of these women have expressed their disposition towards their natural beauty.

How I overcame my hair-hate

Overcoming my hair hate

I used to feel the same way towards my siblings who were born with light and bright cotton colored hair and ruby red tresses. And often I struggled with not getting compliments and in my (then) child-like way, was able to express that this bothered me. And in the midst of trying to move on I still felt very insignificant in a world that I felt did not see my worth. I had this same conversation with myself several times until one day....

I had a little conversation with God. I asked him: "What is of true value... in this world? I need an answer!!"

I told him exactly how I felt all these years... about my hair. How I hated it. How I was lead to believe that it was a curse. How I thought that it wasn't fair. And the list goes on. It was then I began to feel such unbearable pain. An agony that I have never felt before. An extreme sadness in my soul. I just took what God created perfectly in his image, threw it back in his face, and rejected it.

It was after I had let him know exactly what I felt and struggled with that I began to repent of my anger, my self-hatred, my idolatry, my pride. I didn't want to be self-hating, as this Aryan doctrine has taught me to be. And I believe he saw my pain and had pity on me.

The Lord began to help me understand that this was a deception that I had fallen for. A lie! And it was time that I took heed to his word: to stop complaining, be thankful in all things, and to NEVER reject what God has created perfectly me.

I had been so focused on my own image that I had lost sight of the very thing that was truly important. HIS image!

The beauty of his majesty, his image, power, glory, and holiness are the most important things a person can possess.

And my hair is also a reflection of his image. And again, that is the most important thing a person can possess!

Sometimes, we give the devil more credit than he deserves. I can rebuke the devil all day to rid myself of this unbearable pain and sadness, which I tried to do at first. But I had to realize that this internal pain I was feeling was self-inflicted. And this pain would go away only if I took heed to his word, repent, embrace the truth, and live it!

After recieving my answer from God, it appears to me that what these Aryan minded apologists think of as important and what God sees as important are two totally different things.

Women of God, know your word. Don't be deceived. You can still celebrate your differences. But also realize where your value comes from and that is your creator and your redeemer!

Addressing the "God didn't color anything" typical atheistic argument:

Here I make my point:

"God colored me the way that he did because he liked it."

In response, he stated:

"God didn't paint anything. That's just a result of your dominant DNA lol."

God didn’t paint anything? Let's talk about this. His majesty, power, beauty, glory, and anything that you see that is glorious or beautiful is because of his greatness. It’s not because a paramecium got it on with a worm in a pond somewhere saying: “Let’s paint this glorious future”. If you want to believe in King Kong, believe in King Kong. If you want to believe in King Jesus, believe in King Jesus. And I guarantee you, only one of them has an eternal kingdom.

The beauty of his majesty, his image, power, glory, and holiness are the most important things a person can possess. In him, I find my worth. In him, I find my identity! For we are his image-bearers and we are a result of his creative genius! And without him, we are nothing!

And yes, just as this guy puts it: "...when people say that a certain colour is better, it's what they prefer, and if someone doesn't like dark hair, they are not ignorant, it's just a preference." That being said:

Can you imagine if I wasted all my precious time trying to prove myself to the whole world and to make sure everyone liked me? Before stepping out and being authentic? Please, for the love of God and yourself, accept that not everyone is going to like you. That's ok! Not everyone loves brunettes. That doesn't mean they are not absolutely AMAZING!

This isn’t about changing other people’s minds who don’t like you. It’s to recognize that the image of God is the most important thing a person can possess. And we are created in his image.

Dealing with Backhanded Compliments

One man told me, "Brunettes are nothing but Redheads in disguise." What was meant to be a compliment actually made me think the opposite. I know that the guy who quoted this had good intentions, however; would they take it as a compliment if we said Redheads are brunettes in disguise? No, of course, they wouldn't. They love being exclusive. That's why you can almost always expect them to respond with: "No, we're better than that." Yes, this beauty standard is promoted in our society. And yes, these women do internalize this. But that does not define a person's value or worth in God's eyes.

So, I took a good look at myself in the mirror one day and stated, "Sonya, you have the most gorgeous dark-brown hair shade I have ever seen. You don't need to be a redhead in disguise. You are perfect just the way you are."

Stepping out and being authentic isn't always easy, especially if you are seeking external approval only, which is not healthy. Because often, that may be met with more criticism. But the sooner you stop craving everyone's approval, the sooner you'll become comfortable with stepping out and being completely authentic. And, for the record, you can't have true confidence without authenticity.

I didn't just go natural. I decided to cherish what I've been given.

Amber eyes, just as God colored them, to radiate compassion and kindness. Cowlick, just the way He made my hair to fall on that side. Laugh lines that represent the many times I have smiled and laughed with the joy of the Lord throughout my lifetime. White hair that shows the years of experience and wisdom that I have gained. I don't wear anything to cover up my freckles or aging spots. God gave me those, and He placed them just where He wants them. I have no desire to change my nose, or use botox, or color my hair, or make me into someone that I am not. This is how My Creator made me and He does all things well. No, you're right, I might not be deemed as the prettiest. I may not be the thinnest. I might have a crooked smile, super pale freckled skin, high cheekbones, hooded eyes, and dark hair. But those things make up Me, who I am, just as God wanted me to be. It hurts my heart when so many precious women feel the need to change who they are into something they're not so that someone might approve of them. You don't need to starve yourself, or cut yourself, or get plastic surgery, bleach or artificially tan your skin, or change all that makes you who YOU are. Each one of you is unique and special and beautiful in God's eyes. Each one of you is valuable to your Creator who delights in you. Each one of you has worth. And His is the only approval you should seek. So, if you ask me why I don't mind people seeing who I am, the ME that Jesus made, it's because His Word says:

"I will praise you, for I am fearfully and WONDERFULLY made; Marvellous are your works, and that my soul knoweth right well!" Psalm 139:14

I’m like this. I love myself like this. And I won’t dye my hair or get a tan just to fit the pattern.

Society often perpetuates this idea that we shouldn't be happy with ourselves because we don't fit certain beauty standards promoted by the beauty industry. No scars to your beautiful is a reminder that beauty is not just found in one size, shape, or color. It can't always be seen with a naked eye. It comes in an endless amount of forms, and we need to recognize that.

Always remember that any measuring stick the world tries to measure you by is not qualified to define your worth. Know it!

You are unique and custom made by your creator. There is no need to make yourself into something that you are not. Never put down what God created perfectly you! We are his image-bearers. And that is the most important thing we can possess!

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