College Is Not The Pathway To Success? Real Talk!

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This is part 2 of the first blog I wrote called: "Is Education Really Important?" If you have not yet viewed it, check it out here.

So, is education really important?

Some say yes. Some say no. But for me it was. Since I was young, I have always wanted to be a cartoon animator, a story writer, and a game creator... so much I decided to get an education in the field. I spent three long years at Full Sail University in Bachelors of Science Game Art degree program with a sweeping success of a 3.0-grade point average. Once I finalized my education in 2019, I began to prepare myself for the workplace by getting experience by working with some real-time game developers in the Christian Game Developers Community. I have implemented my 3D modeling skills to help with the creation of enemies and armor for the characters.

My Golem Character featured in Dreams and Nightmares

And it was an astounding accomplishment for me. I was the only one, out of all my family members; who achieved this. And I was proud of this accomplishment. I am now able to pull myself out of poverty and do what I love to do at the same time.

Topping that, game artists start out with a salary of 22/hr. That was wonderful news for me. Goodbye minimum wage working days!

So, what could possibly go wrong? Maybe it could be that people are no longer taking education seriously, anymore. Anywhere from employers who are biased, to your average person.

Why? Because of the indoctrination centers that offer useless 'studies' degrees. Even our own President, Donald J. Trump; has devalued education and deemed people like me who have taken the time to get our education, so we could gain the proper knowledge of the field we are going for; as unimportant or of equal value to someone with no skill.

Skills over degrees? I thought we were supposed to earn those degrees by learning the skills needed to get them? To get the qualifications for the jobs we are shooting for? So is this degree I earned useless then? It's not about the piece of paper. It's about the skills I have learned to get that piece of paper.

I'm pained. But...

...Without education, without teachers where would doctors come from? Where would game artists come from?

Nothing can be more discouraging than hitting a wall after working so hard to earn your degree or get your education: only to be told that your efforts are pointless. Topping that, there are plenty of videos like the one below that try to tell people like me, who have considered college as a valid option; that we've been sold. Why even bother, then? Right? And is it really true?

By the way, they changed it from "College is NOT the path to success" to "College is not the only path to success. Well, at least they realized their mistake and corrected it.

College is Not the path to success (response)

I like to just take some time debunking this since this topic is at most controversial and heavily opinionated and also can be perceived as biased. At the rate, if I go making comments on the length of an essay paper; I might as well write it here when going over such topics. But I digress.

The Old Days vs Today

Sure, school can be a hard time: but we can all relate to that because we all had to go through that five-year wait gap. But picture this for a moment and go back in time when you didn't have that five-year gap between childhood and adulthood: Your father when you turned twelve would immediately recommend you work at his workplace whether it was mining coal, factory work or working on the farm and you'd do that for a much longer than you would today, the work conditions would require you to wake up at the crack of dawn work your hands to the bone and you'd be lucky if what you did that day could afford you the bare necessities for living maybe one day you don't have enough to pay for heat, electricity or are forced to work overtime.

Back then the workplace was your home, you'd get no privacy and everything that you were was stored in your footlocker at the side of your bed. Given this example, which would you prefer? Because life back then was so much worse than it is now. You're given equal rights, equal opportunity and you're also given an actual education. Sure it'd be great if you spent it goofing off hanging out with your mates behind some abandoned bowling alley. But what's better is actually being able to afford the luxuries an adult can have: a car, roof over your head, clothes, food and not having to sit on the benefits system because you have no job.

Education allows you to do all that:

Education gives you freedom and comfort in knowing that you can afford anything you want because you learned to become a productive individual in society.

But oh no, what am I talking about? Who the heck wants to learn and get a paying job? Let's all be hobos on the street and raise our signs in the air to spread the message that we won't be forced to work and expect the government to pay for it all. That's what the Pepsi commercial was all about right?

Useless Studies Degrees vs Skilled Degree Programs

Err... yeah, of course,

You can't call bankruptcy you're paying for a service: welcome to adulthood, dweeb. Oh, I'm sorry you expected that teacher to give you free advice and education? Too bad you're no longer a kid anymore. You're an adult that shouldn't be relying on the welfare of others. If you don't like that: don't go to college, simple.

But that'd be the easy way to explain it, apparently, you social normies prefer the PC approach of telling others they should just look for a job straight away instead of going to university and getting loans. Think of it like equivalent exchange: I want a degree to do a qualified job, they have those degrees, the job I am interested in applying to requires that degree. I ask for a loan, I learn, get a part-time job maybe and then pay off that loan after successfully getting a high paid job.

The only issue here being is if I am stupid and pick a career path that's not profitable, that's not financially secure.

When you turn that age: You are taking your first steps out in the open, you need to learn the REAL stuff, the hard-hitting facts that you're no longer in your parent's bubble: This is the real world snowflake: Learn to live in it or melt!

Life is cruel, life is hard, you're no longer a kid anymore and you've got to recognize that.

Maybe what you should be saying is when you get to that age you should look into which career most interests you that's realistic and not just pick useless degrees that get you nowhere like "Gender Equality".

If you want to get a degree in something it should be something that ensures you get a paid job at the end of the day.

And if you don't get it at least you made that effort in bettering yourself and learned from it. Being an adult is about making mistakes, you're never always right and you are constantly learning from your decisions.

Your College Degree Doesn't Matter Argument

((Having a degree doesn't make you smart.. I mean, you are pathetic if you need a piece of paper that tells you that you are smart to think you are smart. some of the smartest people I know have never gone to college and they are more intelligent than a lot of people I know that got their college degrees.))

Ah, the old: a piece of paper doesn't matter 'argument'. Yeah, you try getting a 30,000 a year job without any qualifications and see how easy that is?

Did you have to end up getting those degrees whilst on the job? Well suddenly that burnt piece of paper on your wall doesn't seem so useless now, does it?

I'm well aware this is to reflect the college people that can't get jobs but that's old news. Job seeking is as much about marketing as it is about learning: if you can't market yourself to an employer well: you most likely end up with no job. It's almost as if having people skills and the right attitude to work with matters. Imagine that.

Oh sorry no, business does matter because by the looks of things are you ready for this: Business is the very thing these kids with no motivation or outlook as to what to do with their lives need in order to get purpose in their lives. They need to work so they themselves can learn what their goals are and how to accomplish them. You can't learn that from sitting around your house all day playing video games. You need to go out and earn those relationships, experience the highs and lows of employment, so sorry no. Business is a necessity and you'll end up working for one whether you like it or not. Even if it's your own it's still a business.

Being Self-Taught vs Taught By University

((I can teach myself. I don't need to go to college to learn.))

Umm yes: you can teach entrepreneurship. It comes mainly from marketing and learning to do things on your own.

Sure, you can be self-taught but that just means you're doing it the hard way with no guidance, if you can be criticized for the things you are doing then you'll most likely succeed and not be stuck in a safe space where outside thought can't reach you.

You can't learn the hard lessons as easily if you're stuck in a repetitive cycle. You can't develop yourself, that's why we have children go to school in the first place: so they can learn how to become entrepreneurs in their own field of work.

Here's a fun fact where does the word entrepreneur come from? An entrepreneur is a French word coined by the economist Jean-Baptiste Say, a French classical, liberal economist and scholar. Usually is translated as, "adventurer".

Guess what kids? To become an Economist or Scholar you have to be well educated and know what the heck words are in a textbook: That's right kids I just proved to you that to be an Entrepreneur or "adventurer" you need to learn. You know what that means: YOU HAVE TO BE EDUCATED TO BECOME AN ENTREPRENEUR!

Therefore meaning: You can teach people to learn how to become businessmen the very thing that you said we can't be taught.

Also that math you made up saying you are 100 thousand percent "with no hedge" whatever that means, not only is that mathematically unsound as you can't be logically more than 100% sure that you are right. But I'm guessing you aren't a gardener because, of course; hedges aren't involved in Entrepreneurship sir. I'm guessing this is just some bizarre in-joke that I won't get maybe you mean "without a doubt" because that would make much more sense. Stop trying to be trendy, dude. It doesn't suit you and you sound ridiculous.

Congrats you finally have a sound argument against college. There is no defined path to employment or success. As for all you know this kid is a Hollywood star that has already achieved success, not being unrealistic here. Just saying not everything can be solved through education, but you'll most likely learn from this thing we call life and your teacher will be you, I know this is pretty deep stuff! Well they should be a little stressed at least I mean, this is what their entire future they're thinking about here that might affect them for their entire life, but I mean no they should be going out getting crunk right?

Only You Can Determine Your Goals and Career Path

I AM THE FUTURE YEEEAH! Well yeah man, I think you could have summed this entire video by saying: "Maybe instead of going to university you should think about what you want out of life, after all, #YOLO",

A better thought would be:

"Hey, maybe I should think for myself. I mean, I should probably make informed decisions that matter rather than just being told what to do?"

MAYBE!? I mean if I'm ever going to learn it, it won't be from listening to those who failed. It will be listening to those who are succeeding.

But sure, some adolescent adults, who are highly opinionated; who say that college is dumb and you shouldn't go will have all the answers: Please, tell me more about that Million Dollar Business you run, Bruh.

So basically you end by saying we're lucky to have the choices we have to carve our own lives. Wow man, that's so pretentious pointlessly outspoken, and totally mindlessly moronic to tell someone: that's like saying: "Oh hey man sorry the sky is grey, maybe it'll be blue tomorrow!" Why in the world would you think that would help someone that is looking to find out what to do with their lives?

If there is advice I can give to someone that is genuinely looking for some in this long-winded drawn out blog post, it is that:

If you want to know what to do with your life: You live it, set goals for yourself and motivate yourself to succeed. Don't just sit there wasting your time listening to those who think they know what you should do. They don't know! They aren't you.

Why not actually spend your time researching the things you will find helpful such as jobs that may interest you, look at the requirements and try to become that person detailed in the job advert and MAYBE you'll get a job find your dreams, discover what your life is worth and find happiness, because sitting here listening to "You shoulds" aren't going to get you anywhere. Just do it! Make your dreams come true.

Only you can be the person that can define your own path. If you sit here being counseled by the people you're just speculating. Trust your own mind with these decisions and formulate your own viewpoint based on what you have already experienced.

Oh, and don't take what I said personally. I just read that little yellow sticky note memo you left at the bottom of the video there, way to go! You couldn't have started with that point, to begin with, have me not rant on and on about how there are lots of YouTubers out there that claim the same thing because they're in debt too! You even pointed out this video is controversial. Well, I'll be darned I guess it is! Funny that. And I'm glad you're not teaching kids to be complacent like this video sort of suggests. Maybe you should have made the video sound a lot more adult and stopped trying to appeal to your "hip" demographic it's kind of demeaning.

There are people that probably clicked on this video saying to themselves, hey maybe this is some real advice I can get to make my decision on what I want to be when I'm older only to be met with #Lifehacks and unclear opinions. All this does is discourage them from choosing university which is still a valid option for those who actually seek out a job that requires a lot of education.

Yes, you don't need a diploma to create your own business, however, university for some people may be the only solution to how they learn to become the thing they desire to be.

And I'm not saying you can't do that through other means. Hell Blizzard was formed around a few computer nerds that dropped out of college to form their own company and made World of Warcraft. Now they have Overwatch even though their original game isn't nearly as popular as it was back in the day. But a decision like this needs to be thought out, forming your own business is as much a risk as it is a reward and that takes time and effort, they have a lot of time to decide what they feel is the best solution for them. However, so pressuring them not to go to university when they might benefit from it isn't always the right answer to this problem.

People can only learn from their mistakes, sure they don't need a University to make them, but for some that are aloof about the future it helps them develop character and that I think can benefit those who are unsure what they want in life. It allows them to explore their dream without barriers such as "Qualifications". This has a good message it just needed to be polished in such a way that explains something to us without making the whole thing sound like some brat boys trying to give you the scoop on life.

How This "Anti-College/University" Message Can Come Across

This is a topic that makes or breaks for some people and I hope you take time to understand that because I feel like you're coming across in a totally different way than what your comment suggests and that isn't always great when you're trying to put forward an idea: maybe look over your content before you post it?

It sounded like you recognized that your message was unclear: well then make sure your message is concise, to begin with. Then your audience won't end up confused or misinformed. I did think this was informative to some, but at the same time, this is the knowledge that they probably know already.

Work on being more clear in your reasoning and you won't have to follow up your content just because you had afterthoughts. It makes sense to review what you post before posting is what I'm going to say to address this.

Sorry I couldn't fit this into one long essay into a comment section under this video. Apparently, there's some invisible limit. Not expecting this to get any praise or acknowledgment. Just leaving my feedback.

I would do a video on this subject, but I think this has already been said so many times over in much better-expressed manners. It'd be an old hat for me to debunk what has already been debunked several times over. Anyway, if you managed to get through this long essay I salute you, sir/madam. I hope my input was at least engaging enough for you to read it.

Responses Q & A

I have highlighted the responses in yellow and ((double parentheses))

((No one has time to read your crap. get a life.)) -i rocket SOM

The only people that need to "get lives" are people devoted to spreading hate, those that actually cared to read have. Stick to your twitter/tumblr blogs if it upsets you, I didn't write this for you.

((just read the entire thing. I appreciate the effort and honesty. I wish it was a video though so you would've reached a bigger audience. I gotta be honest I was hooked by this video and was about to leave a dumb comment in your long-ass essay but I'm glad I took the time to read. it was truly a slap in my snowflake millennials face. cheers!

Sometimes you need that honesty to bring people to reality too many are disillusioned by older adults that don't seem to want to give anyone clear guidance and from what I saw this was biased which unfairly mocks the idea of university this is a serious topic that decides your future it's bad enough we're surrounded by the old generation disgruntled with their "back in my day" mentality. At the end of the day: If you can't provide honesty and just push opinions you'll just end up falling into that cliche and as soon as I got the impression these guys were acting all "urban fresh" I started getting a bad taste in my mouth. It's that sort of attitude that brings us back to the nineties it was lame then and lame now.

If they wanted to do a discussion video which this video felt like: they should have done that - A discussion. Cut the urban sign language no-one talks like that when they want to convey a strong narrative I feel like I have pointed this out before in a previous video but whatever, I guess I'll always be regarded as the calm collected individual at the back of the classroom not giving into peer pressure. I was always regarded as a rebel probably because I didn't conform to such social norms I just see this as beneath me especially in this modern-day and age you'd think they'd crack wise and stop talking like they need street cred.

The video needed to be serious and I feel that not enough is done to recognize when they should be playing a record player in the background and actually forming strong arguments for and against points instead of just spitballing opinions like they're on some sitcom as Uncle Phil throws Jazz out.

If you want to be cool: Act real with your audience lose the swivel baseball hat and actually talk to us straight like we're human beings, not a lot to ask. What I would suggest is they debate anything controversial with someone else with average opinions that way we're not just hearing this from some guy who graduated out of college who's salty about loan payments, it's not informative, it's lackluster and just disrespectful to any professionals that actually went to universities and got the careers they wanted. I'm not of the opinion that you shouldn't be allowed to express that I'm just against how it's presented.

Anyway thanks, I would record videos but my recording conditions aren't yet ideal in this environment when I have my own space which I feel comfortable recording in I'll probably think about it, controversial topics aren't exactly my forte but looking at it through a skeptic spyglass I see that there are topics like this that should be handled more professionally.))

-Bryan Salvador

((please explain how i keep meeting people who have wasted years of their lives in college/university and cant get a job in their field and are now forced to work jobs at starbucks. please dont tell me they made "the wrong choice".

not everyone can be a lawyer or a doctor. please explain with your holy wisdom how i keep meeting people who have wasted years of their lives in college/university studying one thing and then getting a job in a whole different field. please explain with your holy wisdom how "instagram famous" people get jobs in pr/marketing while people who have studied it for years in college/university get swept aside. please explain to me how having 4 years of working experience means less in your world than 4 years reading books which information is outdated by the time you graduate?

there is some truth in your comment but also a lot of ignorance (most of it is). times are changing. Gary has said multiple times that if you don't know what you want in life then college is the path for you, or if you want a certain job and it requires college/uni then you should do that. but that it is definitely not your only option in the world anymore. and also, not everyone is born to go to college/uni. i have ADHD and i have no patience to sit on my ass 4 hours to listen to some holier-than-thou professor talk shit out of his ass and when you question whatever they are saying to you they get pissy and fail you for their class cause you bruised their ego.

i went to uni and i kept skipping classes but i did hand in my assignments in time and i did my exams. and i usually had one of the highest grades IF the profs liked me that is. college/uni is a money making business and there are only a select few profs out there who truly care about their students learning something. “Don't let your boy's schooling interfere with his education.”)) -Kittysuit

Well, because I already took time writing a long-winded explanation of writing about marketing yourself: go back and read that. I'm sure that those arguments have already been overly covered already through my analysis of the reasons why your out of the doorstep out of university student didn't land a job in their preferred field right away: Jobs require time and commitment employers want evidence that you can work for them and if you can't prove it based off a lack of relevant experience then you have to work on getting that experience simple as. Maybe your friends who might just be bloggers complaining about not getting a job or being turned down are just simply not adapting to this ever-changing environment.

You have to adopt the right attitude to work and the right mindset you can't just be given jobs by employers: there are no free meal tickets and that goes the same for the entry of work. You have to stay competitive to stay relevant and that is obvious it's not alien to know that if you can't outclass your pool of candidates for the position offered you'll more than likely not land that job. I did have a longer paragraphed argument illustrated but frankly I'd just be repeating myself and if you can't be bothered to read what I posted then I'm afraid I just simply am going to skip over your arguments just to save time.

I'm a realist, most of those arguments you've presented are excuses made by those which have failed to get their desired profession if they were as committed as the creative artists I see in the industry they would have those jobs and I know you can get those positions if they choose not to go down that employment path it's their choice in the end and is not decided by opinions written by keyboard warriors it's decided by those that actually choose to put in the effort. We should not be expecting every person with a degree to be given their preferred role in a well-paying position and enough leeway to pay off their student loans, own a car, have two kids, and live in a mansion: that is unrealistic.

Some people have done multiple degrees and multiple jobs before they find the employment that suits them and it's never always the original intent - that is just life, we succeed and fail and if that's not a satisfying answer - tough, because, life isn't about giving you what you want.

Take one look at those that have actually gone through Freelance after Freelance position until finally working for a company and you'll see what I mean.

Not everyone needs university and that is not the point I was trying to make: what I was saying was it's still a valid entry into professional environments and should not be discredited based on a cesspool of the unemployed as I said much of it is risk and reward.

As for your 4-year argument: Employers have specific wants and desires and that includes education some people might benefit from having actual work experience other employers prefer a clean slate: this is down to the preference of the employer and the majority of the time an employer is more likely to employ you with BOTH not just one or the other you're making a huge misconstrued argument basing this on just the degree if you actually read what I said in the comment I wouldn't have to be repeating myself.

Oh and Instagram fame is just the same as youtube fame or Hollywood fame: that is random chance and an opportunity given to those people being in the right place at the right time the same conclusion can be given to the famous, Hollywood actors and singers. You want an example: look no further than Vlogbrothers: John Green not only is a famous Youtuber but also has published books that have turned into movies. I can summarise by saying this: Sometimes you'll never know where your hobbies will lead you because just like the random chance you can end up building a career out of it.

If you don't have the patience for university well then that's your choice, be "pro-life" do what you feel is best for yourself.

I'm related to someone that suffers from ADHD and understands the difficulty and stress of feeling like you are being talked down to all the time and presented with information like you're some sort of child.

Life is never a box of chocolates because frankly Forest Gump's mum we live in a society that always discredits the vulnerable and we're left to piece together what we can and work with it. There's no box and there's no chocolate: that is just a metaphor you created to explain random chance.

If you feel that university is not for you then please continue to seek out your own goals. You do not have to follow a set guideline presented by professors or teachers that claim that you HAVE to go to university because you don't. Life is about making choices and you should be using your own mind to be making your own not everyone's life experience is going to project onto your current life you have to go out there and seek glory.

The next time you consider replying to someone's opinionated comment try to see things from their point of view: they are not ignorant they are different-minded, they have experienced a different perspective, and acknowledging that leads to greater understanding. People are smarter than they look on the surface some may surprise you.

((How can you get experience if no one wants to hire you? even if you offer to work for free or do internships? your point on "going to college/uni does not give you a free card to get a job and a nice life" is fucking bullshit (excuse my language).

You are saying that when someone works hard in college/uni for 4~ years does not deserve a job and a stable income? you are basically saying that only the hard-working people in the world deserve a "good life". that is fucking stupid dude. everyone deserves a good life. not everyone is born a hard worker.

I do agree that we all have to contribute something to society, but basically saying "Yea sorry if you didn't try hard enough in school you deserve to work at McDonald's and have a shitty life" because frankly, that is what you are saying and it is a shitty attitude to have. besides that, half the points you are making are in the video. you are saying "university is not for everyone, but it is an option and should not be discredited" and that is literally what is talked about in this video. they are trying to tell people that it is okay not to follow the college/university path ESPECIALLY if you want to start your own business and they are focusing on just that. they are never dismissing that going to uni/college is a bad thing.

You are also writing 10+ paragraphs while you could've made your point in just writing one simple paragraph. I have also not become any smarter or more educated on your "point of view" because your "point of view" seems to be all over the place and your comprehensive writing is rather shitty (just an opinion but I suggest you work on it if you want to sway people away with your "opinions"). that said, learn to use periods. they are those dots that you put behind sentences. it will break up the paragraphs and it will make it easier for others to read; just a suggestion.)) -Kittysuit

It's not a bad attitude. You're simply dealt the cards you are given: what you're suggesting is everyone deserves to be lawyers, doctors, and managers without any real-life experience: that simply isn't a realistic concept. So sorry, no I disagree: if you don't do x amount of years like the employer expects you to do or don't meet their standards then you're simply aren't qualified and therefore should not be given priority over some with more relevant experience.

The employer decides if you get the job or not: not you. And that goes the same for everybody seeking employment: if you aren't considered "fit for work" you're simply not employed: don't you understand that? You're competing with everyone and everyone gets the same equal opportunity to work for that company and if you are against equal rights, well I'm afraid you'll just have to call it shit and face facts: you're in competition with everyone else.

The elderly are an example of this: they have worked tens of years in the relevant workplace and get turned down for jobs because they are considered too old to work and employers will instead favor a thirty-year-old middle man whose life expectancy is longer than that of a 65-year-old.

People say that the government is working to combat this as they deserve just as much of a right to work, but the employer will simply pretend that another person has more relevant skills just to avoid employing them, this happens all the time I've heard it from the disgruntled that are being turned down due to how old they are.

Do you believe that you are an exception to this as they are? Because they are not and you are wrong to think otherwise. This is just you twisting my argument because you know I'm right: they failed to market themselves accordingly and so they lost out in the competition for that role, better luck next time and no that's just life: I'm not going to sugar coat it like you are doing right now.

There are no free meal tickets and therefore: you should prove that you can work in that role just like everyone else does, don't like it? Well, that's just too bad. Your stance is unrealistic no-one has that magic wand that gives everyone a job and delivers countries out of debt, fixes education, and removes social barriers - this simply isn't true and you should know better. If fact-finding and having an opinion based on real-world views rather than personal feelings is a "shitty" attitude well then I guess you're just calling employers shit because that's how it's been for decades now.

I find your "comprehensive" criticism laughable you show no tolerance for anyone else's opinion and you're going to criticize my grammar and "comprehension" after you yourself waffle and repeat yourself and make basic capital letter punctuation mistakes? Generally, I'm just going to ignore what you have to say if you have no respect for what someone has to say then why waste your time trying to win an argument you can't win?

I can summarize that you can't follow basic economic, social and political topics that are presented to you as evidence and anything you can't understand: you backlash by calling it shit and resorting to straw-man fallacies and act like a grammar Nazi: thus proving anything I have to say has no meaning to you, so why not waste your time on something else, because clearly, you've learned nothing from what I was telling you and clearly you're just here to troll differing opinions.

Excuse me for not attacking you for your ADHD: but clearly, it's on full display here, I'm just wasting my time on someone that simply doesn't understand the current job climate. Good day sir.

(("Guess what kids? To become an Economist or Scholar you have to be well educated and know what the heck words are in a textbook: That's right kids I just proved to you that to be an Entrepreneur or "adventurer" you need to learn: You know what that means:" One problem with your rambling incoherent essay: you DON'T NEED UNIVERSITY TO LEARN/BE EDUCATED!!!! Books and journal papers/studies are much cheaper than 100k degrees. And for things like programming, where you can just sit the Test for a qualification, it's better to just teach yourself at your own pace than to waste years and $$ paying someone else to teach you. College is only useful for 2 things:

1) A unique experience (basically to enjoy yourself in intellectual pursuits) OR

2) To get a PROFESSIONAL degree (like medicine, engineering, law, etc that as a direct career-path and qualification at the end).

Basically, don't take a broad random major unless you are just doing it for personal enjoyment.)) -Lachlan Allen

The point you are outlining here is irrelevant: What I am saying is you need the education to have the basic building blocks necessary to know how to be an "Entrepreneur" this is a false truth and it is clear you are just making up strawman fallacy arguments here, twisting my words to make it sound like you have something to disprove.

University is a valid form of education you should not be dismissing the idea based on previous bad experiences people have had in the past there have been plenty who have gone to university and got a well-paying job out of it.

It's clear others agree on me with this fact and I can't see a good counter-argument for why nobody would want to educate themselves this way if they lack their own resources to do so. This makes sense from a financial standpoint as university courses are an investment, not just a degree you can earn overnight by just going to a test center.

If you don't approve of that fair dos, that's your opinion but for many of us that want a fair shot at being educated in something that interests us and actually wants to work in the field of our own choosing university offers us that choice. It is not something you should scoff at just because you pay money for it: normally your parents would be paying for schools and health care something that some of us in our respected countries pay the government for, so giving it a bad rep just because you get a loan out of it is just a strawman fallacy there are MANY goods and/or services out there which might require you to get a loan, education is just one of them.

Here's something I can debunk you on: programming, whilst true you can learn it through personal tuition and start your own business by setting up your own website and paying for a license to pay for said distribution rights it's not exactly an ideal solution: many would-be students have no idea about educating themselves and so they pick university because it is something they are used to.

Programming can be a very complex subject to learn, there are things which college professors teach you that a book has limited information to provide one, you'll not only be taught how to program: you'll be taught the foundations of programming: Methodologies, Programming Structure, Website Layout, well thought out ideas that your book may be outdated on. They teach a syllabus which employers favor that readily prepares you with the right information for the job: you can learn Java for 5 years only to find out the employer wants you to know how to program in C Sharp or Visual Basic self-teaching can be a double-edged sword here when you don't have a well-prepared foundation of knowledge to work off that's why students choose university rather than self-teaching themselves in programming: they have a readily prepared lesson plan that teaches them step-by-step and will focus on what they need to know in their career of their choosing.

Take a look at how many Junior positions out there that are offered to University Graduates not your run of the mill qualification you can get from these test centers: this tells you the employer prefers you to be educated to a standard and that standard you simply can't get out of self-teaching.

Universities are not just there for unique experiences and professional degrees: you learn things there that can benefit you in the long run, for some it's a learning curve about how to live on their own: many people that go to university are young and have no experience cooking for themselves, managing their own money or have poor people skills. This offers a safety net solution which you wouldn't get if you did all this on your own: you have tutors that you can go to, friends that can offer moral support and advice, student Councillors and all the services they use are in walking distance.

For some this is a step on the career ladder as they get actual exposure to the field of their choosing: they work alongside like-minded individuals and get given the opportunity to make job connections whilst learning. Whilst you may have a narrow mindset for education through university, they offer a lot more than what you suggest.

Many have enjoyed going to university and have a happy life enjoying a career they love working for and opportunities that simply aren't offered through self-taught programs.

(("Universities are not just there for unique experiences and professional degrees: you learn things there that can benefit you in the long run, for some it's a learning curve about how to live on their own: many people that go to university are young and have no experience cooking for themselves, managing their own money or have poor people skills. This offers a safety net solution which you wouldn't get if you did all this on your own: you have tutors that you can go to, friends that can offer moral support and advice, student Councillors and all the services they use are in walking distance. For some this is a step on the career ladder as they get actual exposure to the field of their choosing: they work alongside like-minded individuals and get given the opportunity to make job connections whilst learning."

Look who is straw-manning NOW... I just agree with the video in that it is NOT NEEDED!!!! It may be easier for some people to go to university, but for those who are more independent and who want to save money, you can achieve the same results. You literally are being so hypocritical here, trying to say that I'm arguing for no point when you are literally doing the same thing. "It is not something you should scoff at just because you pay money for it: " WHY??? Why must I pay for something that I DON'T NEED??? This is all just one big sook session from you, just because some people find a way to succeed without spending so much money on formal education; and this makes you feel insecure.)) -Lachlan Allen

Mate, I have parroted what you said word for word: what you are doing is projecting my argument in a different light to argue something that is untrue. We can even see you backpedaling because you don't want to be accused of something that might affect the integrity of your argument. Do you even know the definition of Strawman arguments? Or do I have to spell it out for you? If you want your spectators to look on you with honest impressions don't pedal claims that are irrelevant: here is the original quote from the video:

(("Let's start with this I fully 100% with no hedge, believe that you can't teach entrepreneurship and that's awkward." SO STOP!))

He does not say university teaches entrepreneurship: this is his own belief and to me, that is a big fallacy based on a biased personal opinion. There is no evidence to suggest he thinks universities teach you how to become your own entrepreneur granted there are business degrees and management degrees but what he is saying here is you can't be taught it AT ALL. That is untrue, many students have built their business out of the knowledge they gained through education hell I bet the person drawing these cartoons did some sort of course that involved learning how to draw, there's no excuse to suggest you haven't gone through the same learning elements everyone has and that's secondary school education.

When I talk about entrepreneurship I talk about the foundation everyone is given: basic writing skills, basic language skills, mathematics, science and other subjects that prove to me EVERYONE at a young age is taught how to communicate and formulate effectively and that is one core mechanic an entrepreneur needs to learn before they can become one because that's principally how they are educated in the first place.

If you see otherwise you are lying to yourself to say you were "self-taught" at a young age how to read and write.

Unless you can prove to me you can look at language and understand it completely without previous lectures my point still stands: Education is a requirement to be an Entrepreneur.

And there is no alternative, no make rich quick scheme or made-up fantasy that allows you to instantly become one: every Entrepreneur is educated, deal with it.

I have no further comment to make on such a rotten statement by you putting words in their mouths. Find me a part of the video that suggests they are saying this directly or shut up because that is a false statement.

(("It may be easier for some people to go to university, but for those who are more independent and who want to save money, you can achieve the same results."))

Okay well my point exactly: It is a valid form of education, way to go, captain, obvious.

(("WHY??? Why must I pay for something that I DON'T NEED??? This is all just one big sook session from you, just because some people find a way to succeed without spending so much money formal education; and this makes you feel insecure."))

Look, pal; I have illustrated again and again that this is a choice people take to further better themselves through education even your so-called "Test centers" require payment for you to take your test so your argument is null and void. When you request a service you pay for it. If you don't need it you don't pay for it.

What you are asking here is for people to work for free and that is not possible. You're acting as if this is something forced upon you. Well, that's just reality and if you can't handle it then there is nothing more to say.

Your special snowflake argument that everyone deserves a free meal ticket doesn't apply here. What you are asking for is to ask a higher knowledged person to take time with you, go over coursework make sure you're taking in the right information and take years of their life dedicating themselves to make sure you can do your preferred role in life. That is like ordering a pizza, getting a hair cut, getting someone to walk your dog: these all take valuable resources, time, and a level of understanding - which require payment it is a basic human necessity I shouldn't need to explain to anyone why someone needs money: they pay the rent don't they?

Do you feel like they should work for a slave for you? Because you demand it? Teaching is a career and despite how it makes you feel "insecure" people need to pay the bills so stop asking for a piggyback ride that is not on offer, they paid for their own tuition to teach and educate you so they deserve the same pay you put towards getting any other paid service, it's a career that costs money the same as administration, law, retail or any other role you're just cementing my argument with logical fallacies that make no sense in today's society. You need to learn that people aren't slaves: they'll do things on their own accord and if they want money for a service they provide well either pay up or get lost pal, you're not a child anymore stop asking for free labor.

((You're a fucking retard, literally cannot understand what I have said or are deliberately straw-manning and pretending I said something different,y. Why would you pay 100k for something you can get CHEAPER???? "Your special snowflake argument that everyone deserves a free meal ticket doesn't apply here: what you are asking for is to ask a higher knowledged person to take time with you, go over coursework make sure you're taking in the right information and take years of their life dedicating themselves to make sure you can do your preferred role in life." I literally never said I expect anything for free, where did I say that? I didn't, you are literally building a straw-man representation of my argument. BTW paying to sit a test is A LOT cheaper than paying for an entire degree, where you basically teach yourself anyway. "You need to learn that people aren't slaves: they'll do things on their own accord and if they want money for a service they provide well either pay up or get lost pal, you're not a child anymore stop asking for free labour." More verbal faeces..... I'll say this very slowly..... If you can do something for. yourself. you. do. not. NEED. to. pay. someone.....

"If you see otherwise you are lying to yourself to say you were "self-taught" at a young age how to read and write. Unless you can prove to me you can look at language and understand it completely without previous lectures my point still stands:" So basically, you do not believe in text-books? My god you are fucking stupid, you have to be shilling or just really butthurt that you wasted so much money....

"When I talk about entrepreneurship I talk about the foundation everyone is given: basic writing skills, basic language skills, mathematics, science" So you are LITERALLY making up your own bullshit definitions here...... You don't get to re-define entrepreneurship as basics maths, science and english skills LOL)) -Lachlan Allen

Lol Grow up, are you suggesting everything should be taught by outdated textbooks? Show me proof you can get a job by just shoving a textbook under an employer's nose or we're done here. Your logic makes no sense. Backed up by the fact you call me a retard. Everyone requires at least a C or equivalent in Literacy, Language, and Maths to gain a well-paid job and that is my proof, trolling Ad Hominems will get you nowhere. Therefore, you need to be educated to be an Entrepreneur thanks for winning my argument for me.

(("WHY??? Why must I pay")) There's your answer bud: You asked it yourself either retract your statement or accept that you claimed it should be free I don't care for trolls: you lost the argument here.

The number of times you use capital letters, attack my character, and provide no actual evidence suggests otherwise you're the one backpedaling, not me.

Do you even claim my evidence isn't real evidence claiming they are statements? You are one deluded individual.

Do you really, in 2017 (and beyond); need me to provide job advertisements to back up my claims? Because that is lunacy, a shut case discussion, employers require you to have those qualifications anyone here would think you're a complete moron for suggesting otherwise.

I have answered your ridiculous notions long enough some of your comments don't even appear publicly as they have been marked as spam automatically I don't know what you are proving by continuing this conversation- the only person that can read is me and it makes me laugh. All I can see are the notes of a man spiraling into madness. Learn to be less cringe-worthy. Good day.


I don't regret one thing I've learned. It has expanded my knowledge and bettered me by far. Also, I've been criticized for pretty much everything I've tried to do and every goal I have tried to accomplish. But the fact is that everyone's path to success for their dreams is not going to be the same. Some may need a college education to pursue their dream job. Some may not. I know that it's better to take risks than it is not to. And my goal is to start my own gaming company in the future, but in order to do that, knowledge and skill is needed for that.

A lot of people will criticize you for any life choices you make and you shouldn't be discouraged by them: the good out-way the bad and usually it's the hard-working ones that actually succeed in life. Keep positive and live your dream I acknowledge there are other paths but they aren't always the most logical and that goes double for anyone who is working in media.

-W0lfbane Shika

Any of my followers choose a career path that requires much education? Let us know in the comments!

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