What we lost is STILL THERE! But we have to go back to that place.

Are you hoping for a miracle? As the ice capes melt away? No use hoping for a miracle. There is a price we'll have to pay. If you want something to happen, you've got to make it happen.

Architecture Revival

Wonderful news came to me today. I heard that Poland was building a new castle. An all-new castle in under construction. I applaud them for keeping their traditions and heritage alive. This is a perfect example of what we should all be doing.

We've heard of incidents such as the burning down of Notre Dame cathedral and the tearing down of old buildings to create new modern ones.

It inspires me to build/create new traditional things as old things keep being torn down. As I see my own history being erased. How can we fight back? Become a creator/builder. Nothing in this world will last forever. That's why we need to keep building. We've can keep or history and legacy alive by building new things that preserve our history.

If we want to bring something back, we have got to remember how it was done. If you have lost something valuable, remembering "the how" is the key to restoring it.

You can remember the good old days all you want, and we can sit here and long for what we no longer have today, but if we want to get it back, we've got to remember how we got those things in the first place! Instead of focusing on what we no longer have, why don't we focus on what we no longer do?!

No use hoping for a miracle to happen. There is a price we'll have to pay! Today we are in a microwave generation that wants instant everything! These things did not happen overnight. They took time, hard work, and dedication. Bringing back traditionalism by building/creating things that correspond to the cultures our ancestors came from will take hard work, takes focus, takes skill, artistic expertise, education, and valuable time, just as it did for our ancestors!

What we lost is STILL THERE! But we have to go back to that place again. What it is that we have lost, that we would like to get back; we can get it back again! So ask yourself this question:

"What can I do to bring this back?" What did our ancestors do? They built. They planted. They created. They sacrificed. They took the time to build. But today we complain that we've lost something that we wish to get back. We may need to start looking back at what our ancestors have done and remember the sacrifices they made so we could have what we have today. We have forgotten the 'how'. If we can get back to the 'how', then we can restore that something valuable that we have lost.

Are you hoping for a miracle? As the ice caps melt away.

No use hoping for a miracle. There is a price we'll have to pay.

Please listen to the words to this song:


Don't they know there's something going on? What they're harming with their indecision And who will be left standing when I'm gone? There will be nothing left but a vision And it's too easy To turn a blind eye to the light It's too easy to bow your head and pray

But there are some times When you should try to find your voice And this is one voice which you must find today

Are you hoping for a miracle, As the ice caps melt away? No use hoping for a miracle, There's a price we'll have to pay

Don't they know that there's something they can do To be sure of tomorrow's tomorrow And too late is too late for me and you No more time left for you to borrow

Great message!

And to all people of faith: This isn't an indication that we shouldn't pray, as people of faith. But we also have to recognize that there is a price we'll have to pay! If you want something to happen, you've got to make it happen.

Why is this important? As I covered on the blog "Why Heritage is Important" The biggest problem I see with the modern world is the prioritization of the pursuit of happiness and wealth above everything else. And although there is nothing wrong with pursuing happiness, the problem is, when you die, your happiness will die with you.

When your ancestors died, their feelings and happiness and presence has gone with them. What was left of them was the legacy they left behind. This includes, but not limited to their art, music traditions, fashion, architecture, language, and descendants. We are what is left of their legacy. And what they have left behind is what they now live on in, in this world. And when you go to a historical site such as a castle, cathedral, colosseum, Museum or historical monument you are walking with your ancestors because their spirits are in the walls of those places.

When you die, your happiness will die with you. But your legacy will live on. This is why preserving our heritage is so important. By embracing and preserving your heritage, you’re immortalizing you’re ancestors. Your ancestors live through you and will continue through your descendants.

So let us focus on the 'how' and on what we no longer do, instead of on what we no longer have.

If you want to get involved in architecture revival or to revive traditional attire, technology, art, and more, get involved in a Steampunk group. What is a Steampunk? A victorian rebel. Act now!

#ArchitectureRevival #BringBackOurCulture #RestoreOurNation

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