My Amber Eyes - Are They Real or Fake?

Aktualisiert: 5. Aug 2020

The truth and nothing but the truth!

I would like to start this off by letting everyone know that I am truly one of the few people in this world that were blessed with this eye color. And if you are one, too, be proud of it and flaunt it! Nothing wrong with that.

Amber eyes are stunning to look at. They also happen to be very rare. While the specific number of people who have them are hard to know, it is thought that only .01% of the human population has them, based on scientific studies. If we assume that planet earth has approximately 7 billion people on it, this would mean only 700,000 have amber colored eyes. Some people describe this eye color as golden. Others use terms like copper and yellow. In truth, much of how we experience eye color is subjective. See here to explore this topic in detail.

It is said that Amber eyes are the most common in Asia and South America. But I see a lot of European people who have them as well. I am also the only one in my family who has them (I may have an ancestor that had them somewhere, who knows?). If you have #AmberEyes, you should feel blessed and watch the video below!

Amber eyes are super rare, worldwide? How cool is that?! So why not shine? Why not take pride in it? After all, we all pride ourselves in what makes us unique, and eye color is one of them! But before showing off your unique qualities on social media, know that there is a down side to this. Be wary that in doing so you should also understand that some people may think it's hard to believe, and I'll have to be honest. It's hard to convince people of authenticity when you've got an extraordinary feature or two. Especially now that we have filters and photoshop.

On a picture I posted in 2017, I stated:

These #AmberEyes change color depending on the lighting. Sometimes they appear to be #GreenEyes #YellowAmberEyes and/or #GreenAmberEyes. Only 3% of the world's population have these #RareEyes

And although they aren't really green, they can sometimes have that effect depending on the lighting. But the real color of them are Amber (Yellow Orange) and you can really see it when the sunlight hits them. In the picture below I used an eye brightener due to the dim lighting.

"Aha aha! It's fake!" Some will say! People will jump upon anything to say that it's fake. This only makes your eyes stand out more, but it doesn't change the color of them. Technology is great, but it does have it's limits. You can't create a truly unique eye color with fake filters that only make you look like you're wearing contacts.

So why do I sometimes use an eye brightener? Sometimes, when the lighting is poor, you can't really see the color very well. They look dimmer without proper lighting. Same with hair. It's true about most all eye colors and features. Poor lighting = Poor quality.

So where are the pictures that show my Amber Eyes without the brightener? Here are some other examples taken from actual videos. This is how they look when the sunlight hits them (which they look yellow in pigment). I did not use an eye brightener in these photos/videos because it wasn't needed. The sunlight was all that was necessary to bring out the real color of my eyes. #NoFilter #NoPhotoshop #NoEyeBrightener

With high bright light

With dim sunset lighting.

Here is one of me looking out the window. Sunlight is best to bring out eyes!

I had one guy tell me it was a filter and it was fake. I guess people won't believe anything anymore because of filters and photoshop.

He stated:

(("You seem to think it's real when in reality it's just a filter."))

- bluishgreen_subliminalgoal

"Umm...I see them everyday when I look in the mirror. I know what my real eyes look like LOL!"

Why would I lie about my real eye color? What would be the point of that? When they come under our videos celebrating our hair, beauty and culture and they say things like this, why or for what reason do they do this? I'll tell you why. They wish they had it! Why else? Some people just can't deal with their own insecurities!

Anyone who knows me personally knows that I don’t put on a false face that I am not a fake person. However, Facebook and Instagram are for fun stuff including filtered pics and seeing stuff you would never see in real life. I have found now that it is very rare to see real-life showing on social media anyway. Isn’t there a way to distinguish? I’m guessing that it’s hard to tell sometimes. But I will never say something is real if it’s not. And I will be glad to tell you the truth right out.

Have I ever used a filter for my eyes before changing the color of them? Yes. And I would be the first to tell you that they are fake. Here below I am pictured with an actual eye filter, making my eyes look green. You can tell it's fake. But hey, what do I know about that, right?

So lighten up, people; and have some fun. There is nothing wrong with doing so. Just be wary of this when commenting on someone's post about the authenticity of their looks. Yes, some are fake. But not all.

Do you have an extraordinary feature people thought was fake? Let us know in the comments! And if you have this awesome eye color, congratulations. You are among the .001%!

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