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So why I have decided to use the cultures my ancestors came from as the theme for the music genre I am creating? Because that's who I am, and that's who we are as White Americans and Europeans. Electronic Dance Music with a Victorian twist gives an all-new sensation to the EDM era.

So let's talk about what has inspired me. The music artists that have inspired me the most are Enya and Illitheus. They are both European artists with two different styles of music. I am also a Celtic Grooves fan which is done by various artists. Imagine how amazing this would be combined with Trance?

So what are my musical influences? What has worked to give me the idea for my unique sound? Here I will be listing some of my favorite artists who have inspired me and my sound:

1. Leah The Music - Celtic Metal Artist

Leah McHenry combines Celtic music with her other chosen genre: heavy metal. Now, I'm not a metalhead, but this artist is exceptional. And she shows the perfect example of two different genres blended together, and how to blend them! It's very carefully composed. Since Celtic music instruments will also be used in my EDM sensation, I see this as nothing short of inspiring!

2. Enya- Celtic Music Artist

Enya is a Celtic artist. She does more easily listening, yet powerful music pieces. She uses both traditional and digital music in her songs. They are simply heavenly. She duplicates her voice to make it sound like a choir is singing. Very powerful! Here is a sample of her work. I will definitely be adding this style to my EDM tracks!

3. Illitheus - The Orchestral Trance Producer

Illitheus is a German artist who creates Orchestral Trance music. He is one of the best artists I ever heard. He doesn’t sing, but he does music exceptionally well. He uses orchestral music and gradually goes into the trance sound. It is the most beautiful music I've ever heard aside from the Celtic dreams. This gave me an idea of how to combine two different genres together. Amazing! Here is a sample of his work.

4. Sleepthief - Electronica Music Group

This is one of my favorite bands of all time. They are an electronica band with world influences. Like Illitheus, they add some special touch to their music that isn't necessarily associated with EDM, but it makes it different. This includes instruments from various cultures around the world.

5. Blue Stone - New Age Music Group

Yet another electronica band which uses world influences in their music. Just as Sleepthief, Blue Stone music group does a fantastic job at combining different cultural influences in their music and topping that with the New Age music twist! Electronica has never sounded so good!

Celtic Trance? What would that sound like?

Free MP3 Download when you follow this video below!


What cultural settings will I be using?

You guess it:

The culture that inspires me the most is the German and English Victorian cultures and languages. I have already composed songs written in German, and I will be using German-style dress and fashion as well as those from Victorian England to signify the cultures my ancestors came from. I am in the process of re-creating my EDM songs into Victorian-Electronica songs. This will be the micro-genre that I believe many people will be interested in. I will also be creating this realistic art to showcase along with my original song on my youtube channel. Feel free to check it out! #EDMLove

My written songs with Victorian Electronica Influence

Here is also one of my first songs I have composed in Victorian Electronica style. I have a few more coming along as well!

If you would like to get a copy of the song, you can download this one for free. Enjoy!

More to come!

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