The Millennial Generation and the Blame Game - Part 2

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You'll only understand the conclusion if you have already read part 1. See here if you haven't.

The Technology Addiction

They address the fact that many of us are addicted to technology, after all it is changing our way of life. Most millennials wouldn’t know what to do without the internet and may not even remember a day without it. There are some of us older Millennials that actually knew a life outside of all of that for a short time (like me), such as the ones born on the cut off date of the Xers. But when we were finally introduced to it in our childhood/teen years we were hooked. Now we can’t imagine life without it. Many of us are gamers are told to put the toys and play away and get to work. Play is a “waste of time” they say. Video games will “fry your brain” they say. But now studies have shown the benefit that play has on the brain and how it strengthens productivity, enhancing decision making and learning skills. So why not add play to your everyday life, even learning? That’s a whole other argument altogether.

Many of us have become so buried in our phones. But it’s not just the young people. Can I get a witness? We forget about the world around us (which is true sometimes). But we also did that even before iPhones came out, we even took selfies with our throw away cameras. And I’m sure the older generations did the same thing. It’s just packaged differently now. The difference is: now we can also use that time to actually stay in touch with all of our friends on social networks, find out about groups of individuals who have the same interests, put our message out for the world to see if we want to, connect with industry professionals and so on. Wherein beforehand we had to be in the right place at the right time to have the opportunities we have now. But no, they don’t understand do they? Because they’re old and set in their ways. They can’t accept the fact that their old way of living is no longer suitable for the upcoming generations who are working to build a better future. And Instead of encouraging us to move forward they would rather sit behind their pride and berate us for doing so, and all the while, the mainstream media paints with a broad brush: “This is what the millennial generation is like”: Liberal, narcissistic, spoiled, cry-babies, lazy, and entitled. And yet were not the generation who screwed up the world for everyone else, and they treat us like less than those who did. And though it may be true that we didn’t, we are sure on our way to screw up the world even more if we don’t get our act together. So we need to make a choice: Are we going to work towards a real solution or are we going to continue down the social justice path of the blame game? We've got to stop blaming everyone else for our problems and playing victim. It's time to start taking some adult responsibility for our own problems and stop depending on big government to give us a socialistic "solution" that will only bring us down further.

The Generation of Tolerance

Some have ventured to say: “Our generation is becoming more accepting and tolerant than the previous generations who were too stuffy and picky and didn’t allow rights to people with alternative views.” Here is the problem with that argument. Many millennials think that respect for older folks should be earned instead of freely giving because it’s the right thing to do. Instead they think that we should have the right to disrespect others over disagreements, even our elders. That’s right. They get angry at the older people, yell at them over disagreements. After all, respect must be earned right? And we take it as disrespect when someone else says something we don’t like. We've got to stop with the intolerant disrespectful attitude towards elders who have different views because one day it's going to be us. It used to be that two people could agree to disagree and move on. Nowadays it's World War III if you dare have a different opinion in our so called "tolerant" generation. The left get hyped and point fingers at other people who may not share their world view and label it as hate. After seeing some (a small minority of) right wingers that may hang signs over people’s heads and yell at them, how can we blame them? And yes, that may be considered hate, but not everyone that disagrees with someone’s stance is because of hate. Yet those with traditional values are being pointed out as haters and intolerant. Many millennials don’t know how to take opposing views protest on the streets, demand a safe zone or label themselves as feeling “unsafe” or “in danger”. Growing up I never got my way by throwing a temper tantrum. Why should these grown adults? Because their parents gave them what they wanted when they did? And now they expect the world to hand them whatever they want when they want? Here is the truth. Not everyone is going to agree with your world view. We aren’t going to agree on everything. That’s life. Rather than trying to get everyone to side with you (it's not going to happen) talk to those who are open to what you have to say. Otherwise, move on. There is no sense in crying about it. We have to learn to respect the fact that others have different views, or we will be faced with a host of other problems.

Freedom of Speech and Expression

What’s crazy about our generation is this: we are in the game of banning free speech and thought when someone else doesn’t tell us what we want to hear. And if someone else has a different way of looking at things than we do, we go nuts! We say we are all for diversity and freedom, yet we criticize the right, we criticize the left, we tear each other down, we criticize the older generations for voting differently than us saying: “It’s our future that is at stake not theirs” yet fail to understand that they already lived through it. They already made the same mistakes they are watching us make! And a lot of them have realized their mistake and are trying to make things right for us! Many of them are trying to warn us. With no control of our economy, no control over our own democracy, having nameless people decide our laws for us is very questionable. I wonder when we, as the millennial generation; wake up and realized we have been lied to. Many millennials do not understand the sacrifices the "older generations" made to save Europe and North America from tyranny. Their sacrifice gave us the right to vote! The older generation is now wary that freedom and liberty will be lost if we continue to slide down the path of idiocy of socialistic values rather than family and moral values, such as refraining from having to stay EU.  Same with North America concerning a North American Union. And after fighting these wars and living through it only to have some 18-year-olds come along (years later) and tell them that they can’t vote? Sounds like tyranny is on the rise again, because people are still asleep!

The mistakes of the past generations and today’s consequences

Yes, the previous generations before us messed up, and many of them have learned from their mistakes while we turn a blind eye to what has happened in history. The mistakes of the past have affected us today. So why should we pay for it? It seems unfair doesn’t it? No one should have to pay for what previous generations have done, and yet we get it thrown in our faces on a regular basis. And if you agree that this is wrong, then shouldn’t we be making different choices than they did? They see that we are heading down the same slippery slope they have, and are making the same mistakes they did which caused the problems in the first place, that which we are now reaping the consequence for. Yet we get mad when they vote differently than us! And we continue to blame our parents and grandparents for the problems we’re facing today.

But we have every reason to blame them, after all; they raised us right?

And they were the ones who were responsible for teaching us then. But what about now? Just because we didn’t learn what we needed to then, does it give us the excuse not to learn it now? We are responsible for who we become. Yet we still point fingers at given situations and make excuses as to why we aren't what we ought to be, and that's cowardice! Admit it! Our generation has problems, too. But can I tell you that everyone does? If we want to do better than those that came before us, then we've got to be better than that. We are so focused on what we didn't get from our parents, that we fail to realize what we do have. We have been the most blessed and spoiled generation yet! We’ve got all this amazing technology on our hands to do whatever we want, and yet we take it for granted every day. We can fulfill any dream we want to, and yet we make excuses as to why we can’t!

Click here to view part 3 - The Conclusion


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