The Millennial Generation and the Blame Game

Aktualisiert: 22. Juli 2020

If you were a child born in the 80s and 90s, you are of the millennial generation (or GenY), the amazing people of the 21st century, the ones who became of age in the 2000s & 2010s timeline. It’s amazing how far we’ve come since the stone age. I’ll say it’s come a long way since 20 years ago! Our generation has pushed over some boundaries and have made changes. Some of them may be positive and some not so good. But nevertheless! We don’t remember a day without television, cars, electricity, and a host of other things we take for granted every day. We are the first generation gamers. We were introduced to the first Nintendo consoles with pixel animations and watched as things began to become more complex throughout the years. We were the first generation of kids that were introduced to 3D animation, and touch screens! We also were introduced to the internet back in the early to late 90s. It was a new experience for all of us, not just some of us! We have opportunities previous generation didn’t have. I’ll tell you, they have every reason to hate us! We can get into any profession that we want, connect with industry professionals by the click of a button, get educated on any subject for free, pursue any dream we want. The impossible has now been made possible! In the midst of these great things that have practically been handed to us, we think that odds are against us when pursuing our dreams. Because when we were children, we dreamed of going to the moon and back. Then when we finally grew up and reality began to set in and knock us over the head. We were then told that our dreams were unrealistic and that we need to wake up and make money! And now that we have entered into the work force, we are finding out just how harsh this world really is. It’s not sunshine and rainbows. It will beat you down and it will try to discourage you, belittle you, and criticize your every whim. And now we are outraged because of the cost of living, expenses, education, and lack of good paying jobs. We are now tired of working our tail ends off every day only to be forced to throw our money away on expenses. Many of us did not even have parents that cared enough for our futures to set aside money for our education or inheritance, so if your parents did you are lucky. But much of the time, it was our parents who struggled trying to take care of us and simply didn’t have the money to put back for college. Some of us had parents that didn’t care at all. A lot of our problems have to do with the mess the previous generations have left us, or didn’t leave us; or so we think. We are in the blame game because now our dreams seem to shatter before us as things don’t happen as we hoped. It goes like this:

The Education & Economic System

Though I do encourage others to get their education, I don't blame my generation for not getting college degrees because school is not cheap, and student debt is on the rise. If they would make it affordable like other countries have, I bet we would have a more educated society. We wouldn't all be living in poverty, struggling every month, and pinching pennies. And if our jobs weren't being stolen by foreign countries, and if our parents would have saved up for our college, I bet we would be able to afford that school, and a host of other things we need. If you're like me and didn't have any college savings, it's really tough having to work for it. But it can still be done. I've got some big goals to start my own gaming company and create new jobs, so I'm getting the training and knowledge I need for that. I'm also producing a music album. I'm actually pursuing an education that will be worthwhile. But if I don't want to get caught up into the debt problem, I better be applying for scholarships like crazy. It's hard enough working your tail off every day for 10-12 hours and feeling like you haven't accomplished anything because you're throwing your money away on expenses. A good job is hard to come by. So get the job training you need, because the older you get the harder it will be for you down the road if you don't do it now. No one wants to work crappy jobs, crappy pay, crappy hours, and being treated like worthless livestock by the employers they work hard for, and then being labeled as lazy by older folks who want to criticize us. And no one wants to live in poverty either. I think we do need a better system. Yes, this is true. But how can we make a positive change in the world? Working for a measly 8 bucks and hour isn’t going to cut it. And some of us even started out when minimum wage was 5.15 and hour. We don’t see a way out of our situation. Housing costs are going up. Living expenses and college tuition rates are going up. It’s getting to be ridiculous compared to the way things used to be. So now we want to start demanding that they pay us 15 dollars an hour for flipping burgers and free college to top that? Some solution that will be. That will raise prices and collapse our economy in no time. Not to mention there are thousands of illegal immigrants who migrate to our country every year and steal our jobs, and yet the U.S. government gives out free stuff to these people out of our tax dollars, while hard working citizens don’t get zilch for free. Is this a fair way for our government to treat its citizens? This will cause the economy to collapse further. More jobs that could be in the US are now being moved overseas. We are sold out to China with trillions of dollars in debt due to the mismanagement of our own government. No matter how hard we work it seems that it is less likely that we’ll be able to own our own homes. It’s hard to know if we will be able to afford to feed our families in a few years. It’s a sad day we’re living in, right? But how can we say that the former days were better than these? Because they had more jobs? We are the generation, as a whole; promoting illegal immigration and no borders. And we wonder why we don’t have many jobs left. We are not wise concerning this.

We are in the blame game.

And there is a good reason why, at least we think it is. It gets pretty discouraging when the older generations such as the baby boomers (the ones who are supposed strengthening us) belittle everything about us making the assumption that all of us are narcissists, spoiled whine babies, lazy, disrespectful, and entitled. And often times it’s true. Millennials have made themselves look that way. I'm talking about the individuals who think they are entitled to safe spaces and resort to disrespect to their elders (and everyone else) over disagreements or hurt feelings!! I mean seriously? Grow up! Move on! But no! It's much cooler to get up into the face of elders and cuss them out or tell them to step down if they don't cater to their ideology? Would they talk to their bosses that way in the work place? They would get laughed out the door. On the other hand, it certainly is an unfair argument to generalize all of us in the same category. Especially those who were born between generation X and the Millennials. The truth is, growing up means realizing that kind of attitude will get you nowhere, and I mean nowhere! As opposed to how others stereotype our generation, not all of us are liberal. Not all of us feel that we're entitled to have everything handed to us on a silver platter, as many of us did not grow up in rich families. Not all of us are lazy crybabies or still living at home with mommy (not to speak against those who do because rent is not cheap). As a matter of fact, many of us have jobs and are working to get educated to become business owners, create new jobs, and share new ideas (mainly the older millennials). Yet they just keep belittling us don’t they? They just keep sticking us all into one category. Though I'm nowhere near this, many young people who grew up in the 90s seem to have this attitude of entitlement, and a disrespectful attitude towards elders. This is real talk folks. So what about the ones who aren't doing this? We're not all the same. Continue with part 2


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