God? Which god?

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Now, look at this photo of these kids praying. Isn't that beautiful? I'd say it is. You can't go wrong with putting your trust in the Lord. Yet for many others in the world; there is also a cloud of confusion over their heads that has made them question God, who he is, and who is the real one? After all, if we are going to spend hours on hour knees reciting prayers, or taking our needs to God, we have to know who we are praying too, right?

When talking to non-believers, even those religous ones such as hindus, buddhists, paganists, wiccans, and many others, a question arises. God? Which god? An athiest challenged me with this question. How can we know who the real god is? There are millions of them throughout history.

Here is something to think about. Anything can become a god, or as we would say a little 'g' god. The scriptures even entail how people would cut down trees, carve them, deck them with ornaments, silver, gold, and worship them. People would create statues to worship as gods or that which represents what they would want their god to look like. Money can become a god in your life if you put your faith and trust in it. Also, if you are depending on something for your security and happiness, you better check out what you're worshipping. Today's gods are not of stone, but of what is in our bank account, material things, beauty, maybe even love. Money, in particular; is one of them. So why shouldn't we put our trust and faith in it? Why shouldn't we depend on it for our security and happiness? Why? Because the love of money is the root of all evil and when money has become your god, you will be driven to do things that you wouldn't normally do. People do some of the most horrible things just to get what they want. And some people are willing to do whatever it takes to get more of it, even if it means taking advantage of their neighbor to their own hurt. This is what happens when people put their values on the wrong things. The same can be said about other gods. Fallen angels and demonic spirits also take the shape of light beings (for those of you who have encountered them), and they take worship. Lucifer, the fallen one had tempted Jesus to do "Fall down and worship me and I will give you all the kingdoms of the world". But what did Jesus say? "Away with you Satan! For it is written, you shall only worship God, and only him you shall serve." Throughout history, fallen angels have posed themselves to be gods. But they are but created beings like you and I. They also demand blood sacrifice. This is also evident in scripture. Study ancient religions and you will find the most horrific and gruesome acts imaginable. This molten god Molock was a huge statue with a fire at his altar. And people would literally lay down their children to be burned to death in this fiery furnace! They were murdered in the most brutal way in the name of these gods. But here is the difference. The God of Israel would never require for his people to lay down their children to be sacrificed but instead became the sacrifice. Nor does he give his glory to another, nor his praise to graven images.

"I am the LORD (YHWH); that is my name; my glory I give to no other, nor my praise to carved idols." Isaiah 42:8

What did Jesus mean by God? What is a God or god you ask? It is something or someone you put your faith, trust, and worship in? I'd have to say yes, and it could be anything you want. People can even worship themselves if they want to. But what in all creation can save you from death, hell, and the grave? What in all creation can redeem you and make you new? Here is a good reason to put our faith and trust in the creator instead of creation: Only he has the power to redeem his creation from destruction and the grave. We cannot save ourselves, money cannot save us, graven images cannot save us, angels or demons cannot save us. We must put our faith/trust/worship in our maker. That is why we call him God.

How can we know him? How do we know he exists? Only religion has told us this, right? Wrong. The creator has always made himself known, long before religious institutions ever existed. And he has made himself known throughout the ages. I want to encourage you, put your faith in trust in the creator/maker/designer. He is the only one that can redeem you, and the only one who can make you new!

So who is God in my life you ask? The maker. He became my God when he made himself known to me, when he spoke to me, when he answered my prayers, when he worked miracles, when He healed me when he kept his promises when he filled me with his Holy Spirit (by evidence speaking with other languages/tongues). He became the one I put my trust in because he has always proven himself faithful to me.

So my question back to you is this, who or what are you worshipping? Who or what are you depending on for your security and happiness? You may or may not believe in a Supreme Being, but it's MOST CERTAINLY NOT the gods we've created for ourselves.

Read my personal testimony here!

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