My Photo Albums

Sonya Marlene Photography

Blowing Rock 2015

I love Electronic, Techno, New Age, and Trance Style Music.

This scenery was taken in Blowing Rock, NC May 17 of 2015. So breathtaking and beautiful. Check out my adventure here!



 Christmas 2012

This resembles something I want to do with my Winter Trance Album. Sounds pretty New Age! Love it!

Who would'nt want a white Christmas? Well this is the second time in my life I ever had one. Back in 1998 in Carlsbad, NM, and now again in Fort Worth, TX in 2012! Isn't that amazing! And I enjoyed it!



 Senior Year 2000-01

This was the cover idea I wanted for my techno and new age music album. Not bad.

These are my senior pictures from year 2000 (quite a while back). 



2013 Pics



This style reminds me of a Trance or Techno kind of thing. That's what I want!

I decided to make this thing as creative as possible. Not only can I draw, but computer graphics are now a must to create photos like these. I won't tell you my secret. Just google it. Have fun checking out all my creative stuff!

 High School Graduation & Party

My goal was to make my songs into trance style, new age, and techno beats. Love the rhythm.

This was me after I graduated from High School. Of course, you'll also noticed that I chopped all of my beautiful long hair off, but it wasn't for nothing. My little brother came home with head lice and gave it to all of us. That just sums up.



 Childhood Photo Album 1989-90

I loved electronic music, even in my childhood upbringing. That's where it all started with trance, techno, new age, and progressive house! In the 80s!

This was me in first grade when I lived in Boron California. So many great memories to look back on.  



Dannabrog NE 1986-88

I was just developing my electronic music taste as a child. I loved listening to 80s dream pop, trance, techno, new age, and all sorts. I had a wide taste back then, but didn't know I'd someday be doing it myself.

These were pics from my 4th birthday all the way to 1988 my Kindergarten year. Many of these were taken with my bother, Scott Snedden. Check them out here!!